Olivier C. Janssen

Business & IT Consultant
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Does yourDigital Productneed afresh pair of eyes?

User Experience

The User Experience of your product, is what will ultimately determine your success. A better experience makes it easier to acquire new users & retain existing ones. But it’s also the thing that sets you apart from your competion when they start implementing your value drivers themselves.

My experience and your data will enable you to start improving your users’ experience right away.


User Persona's

Properly definded persona’s help you find & reach new users, optimise the user experience for existing users, prioritise your development roadmap and much more.

I can help you improve the persona’s you’re already using, make your team understand the importance of listening to your persona’s and find cases where you can exploit your persona’s even further.


Agile Road Map

Software Products are never finished. Extending your product enables you to stay ahead of your competition, diversify your business, improve your UX and more. But what new features should you focus on first?

The perfect road map is the culmination of vision, strategy, data, user requests, market trends and input from your team.

But these factors usually colide, creating a standoff. I can help you solve this problem and define the road map you need to accomplish your goals.


Communication is one of the biggest challenges in business. It can be the reason for the biggest opportunity you’ve ever gotten, or for a tremendous amount of wasted development time.

I understand what’s needed to get your message across to your programmers, designers & sales reps as well as your customers, partners and other third parties. Let’s have coffee and I’ll show you how I can help.

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